Yardley StayFast Liquid Matte Lip Vinyl

So I recently bought this amazing lipstick by Yardley London called StayFast Liquid Matte Lip Vinyl and it’s one of the best lipsticks I’ve ever bought (Yardley just keeps on winning). I’m obsessed with it. It’s a really nice bright red called Engine Red. It looks like a lipgloss so when I saw it I was a little apprehensive because I don’t really like lipglosses. … Continue reading Yardley StayFast Liquid Matte Lip Vinyl

Woolworths Vanilla & Brown Sugar

Birthdays are the best because I have the best friends who buy me the best gifts. I got these Woolworths products from one of my favourite people – Therese (check out her blog here). Vanilla is one of my favourite scents. It just smells so delicious and edible – and who wouldn’t want to be covered in yummy smells. I got the Body Butter and … Continue reading Woolworths Vanilla & Brown Sugar